Many Muslims are of the habit of saying the phrase: “FEE NAARI JAHANNAM” when they hear of the passing away of a non-Muslim especially so, if it was their enemy who passed away. Please comment

Rasulullah (S.A.W.) stated that actions will be judged with the final act committed. A man may have led a life of kufr, but he may have repented and embraced Islam a few minutes prior to the fateful appearance of the Angel of Death. It is, therefore wrong to utter: “Fee Naari Jahannam” when a person dies (whether Muslim or non-Muslim) for one’s end and true condition of heart is known unto only Allah Ta’ala. Assigning one to Heaven or Hell is the sole prerogative of Allah Ta’ala. Man may utter “Fee Naari Jahaanam” a million times, but it is of no consequence in so far as the final position of repose of the deceased. Muslims should desist from making such statements.


  1. This is very helpful … a friend of mines mom died today … she was very caring and loving… i am very heart broken to know that she is no more… another guy made this statement today and I was more heartbroken …. may Allah forgive all human kind …. a Muslim must be good human … jaleel , kerala , india

    Reply 3 July 2017
  2. According to your statement, if a Muslim dies then also we should not make dua for his/ her magfirah. Because who knows whether he has left the world with Imaan or not. And Allah and his Rasool has forbidden us from making magfirah dua for kuffar because when a muslim prays for the magfirah of any kuffar he himslef looses his own Imaan. May Allah bless all of us with Aql e salim

    Reply 25 February 2018
      Azal Khan

      It is not permissible to say: Fi naari Jahannam, when informed of the death of a non-Muslim. Whilst outwardly the laws of Islam will apply to the non-Muslim mayyit, only Allah Ta’ala knows in what state he/she had died.

      Please inform us when and where we had stated that Dua of Maghfirat should not be made for a Muslim who dies. At no stage did we make such a statement.


      Reply 21 April 2018
  3. Can we make dua for our deceased ones who was a gud practicing muslim but was going to shrines. acc to them they are asking to allah but through the waseela of saints (peers) which islam prohibit. Doing dua of magfirah is haram for them?

    Reply 19 January 2020
    • Yes, you may make dua for deceased ones even if they had indulged in acts of bid’ah at the shrines.


      Reply 23 January 2020
  4. Very useful . I was searching for clarity on this .

    Reply 4 July 2021
  5. We cannot say finari jahannnama to anyone, because only Allah swt, knows the hearts of everyone, moreover it’s very clearly mentioned in Quran that Prophet Muhammad pbum was sent as mercy to whole human kind, Allah swt is the Lord of the world. so it’s better to be quiet rather than uttering such words.

    Reply 2 December 2021

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