If you have ever wondered why cancer, heart problems and many other almost incurable diseases are so widely prevalent today, the answer lies in the filth, rot and disease of the halaalized plastic and artificial broiler chickens and egg industry. The chickens SANHA, MJC and others are halaalizing are pure filth and disease. Even the eggs of this miserable industry are haraam. While our Deen of Islam emphasizes halaal and tayyib food, these miserable satanic halaalizing outfits with their mercenary and monetary objectives, are proclaiming real najaasat, filthy poison, rotten, stinking, cancer-producing dead chickens, carrion meat and poisonous eggs to be ‘halaal’. Whilst innumerable non-Muslims have abandoned consuming the halaalized carrion filth, and are campaigning against this brutal industry,
Muslims are devouring the poisonous cancer-causing najaasat as if they are vultures. People of Imaan are supposed to have celestial intellect which enables one to comprehend issues of this nature better than do non-Muslims. But, by devouring the halaalized filth, people have descended to a sub-canine level. The noor of the Mu’min’s Aql is utterly effaced by the filth of this carrion he is consuming whilst his bestiality becomes vastly pronounced. They are worse than starving dogs who may succumb to their instincts to eat of the rotten filth.

As long as a Muslim consumes the haraam cancercausing halaalized carrion chickens which this brutal industry produces, there is no hope for moral purification and spiritual upliftment. The fundamental requisite for cultivation of spiritual (roohaani) fibre according to the Qur’aan and Sunnah is the moderate ingestion of halaal, tayyib food. The deluge of carrion chickens, carrion meat, filth and processed foods which Muslims devour will ensure the spiritual and moral degeneration of Muslims.

Abstention from SANHA and MJC halaalized carrion and najaasat, and from the avalanche of haraam and mushtabah processed foods is by itself a cure for many of the incurable diseases which are afflicting people nowadays. When you devour rotten meat and rotten chickens, your inside and your brains must naturally rot. The Qur’aan Majeed says: “O People! Eat from the earth (only) halaal and tayyib, and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily, he is your open declared enemy. He only instructs you (to commit) evil and shameless deeds and to fabricate on Allah what you do not know.” Consumption of haraam, rotten carrion chicken and carrion meat-filth cultivates satanism in man. You then follow shaitaan, become shameless, immoral and vulgar. Eating the halaalized filth, according to the Qur’aam, is to follow in shaitaan’s footsteps.


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