DISEASE is not a ‘consequence’ of the unnatural haraam ‘plastic’ chicken industry. It is a natural attribute inborn in the artificial chickens reared for devour by human
beings turned demons. Commercial objectives of the kuffaar have spawned this industry of artificial diseased chickens. The history of this accursed industry is saturated in disease and brutality – disease of the rotten chickens transmitted to human beings devouring the filth yielded by this cruel industry.

* As early as 1771, “ the Welsh traveller, Mathew Bramble, complains during a visit to London that ‘the poultry is all rotten, in consequence of sewing up the gut, that they may be sooner fattened in coops, in consequence of this cruel retention.”

* “Kimber Farms (in the U.S.A.) in 1934 developed a line of vaccines to cope with the chicken diseases that sprang in all directions as a result of genetic hybridization which weakened disease resistance……..”

* “Factory farming with its inherent filth, has produced specific diseases that penetrate parental immunity and disrupt the developing immune system…. Impairment if these glands disrupts the production of antibodies, reducing or eliminating the bird’s ability to resist secondary infections such as Salmonella and E.coli.”

* “Marek’s disease is an infectiou immunosuppressive cancer that fills the chicken’s spinal chord and peripheral nervous system with malignant tumors, resulting in paralysis, blindness, and death.”

* “Gumboro is an acute, highly contagious viral infection of young chickens that has lymphoid tissue as its primary target… There it destroys the immune
cells…..Afflicted birds develop severe liver and kidney disease and are listless, nervous, sleepy, dehydrated, and have a whitish diarrhoea….. Filthy houses and
equipment promote the infection.”

* “Chicks are vaccinated at the hatchery against Mareck’s disease and other contagious diseases by a combination of mechanical injectors, vaccine sprays, and manual strings. Manual vaccination is an ugly ordeal. Workers handling 7,000 to 8,000 birds a day – 2,500 to 3,500 chicks per worker – grab baby chicks and hold them while an automated vaccination needle punctures the back of their necks. Vaccination is a primary cause of infection in young birds. The puncture breaks and may even tear the skin during the rapid process, and the same needles are used over and over again, spreading contamination.”

* “Diseases and suffering are inherent features of the battery system… and produces diseases that are complicated by abnormal reproductive demands: muscle degeneration, poor blood circulation, accumulation of flaccid fat, oviducts clogged with masses and bits of eggs that can’t be expelled, osteoporosis, and foot and leg
deformities. The very filth of the debeaking machines, vaccination equipment, and overall living conditions has generated an incurable disease in laying hens known as Swollen Head Syndrome.”

* “Fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome is an ugly new disease characterized by an enlarged, fat, disintegrating liver covered with blood clots, and pale combs and wattles covered with dandruff…The liver is yellow, greasy, and of mushlike consistency.”

* “Swollen Head Syndrome: This incurable infectious disease, also known as facial cellulitis, attacks hens who are used for both breeding and commercial egg production in intensive confinement systems. The hen’s face puffs out as a result of swelling of the layers of cellular tissue beneath her skin, which is full of pus underneath. Swollen Head Syndrome is accompanied by egg peritonitis, mucus congestion, nasal discharge, and cerebral disorientation. …..Basically, what this translates into is that these birds were kept in filth.”

* In recent decades, hens’ oviducts have become infested with Salmonellae bacteria that enter the forming egg, causing food poisoning in consumers…… Salmonella can now be found inside the intact egg shells.”

* “As if all this were not  enough, certain mold toxins called mycotoxins, poison the mash in hot humid weather causing the hens to develop Mycotoxicosis or fungal poisoning. Egg production drops. Hens develop mouth ulcers, loss of appetite, pale facial appearance, high disease susceptibility, haemorrhaging of kidneys, lungs, and heart, bruising and bloody thighs.”

(Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs – by Karen Davis)


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