A new brand of nail polish for females, called ‘Acquarella’ is being marketed as ‘halaal’ for use by Muslim women. The reason for the ‘halaal’ label is the contention that this new type of nail polish is not impervious, hence it allows water to seep through on to the finger nails, thus rendering wudhu and ghusl valid. Muslim women who are conscious of the importance of Salaat and ibaadat in general should not be deceived by the ‘halaal’ advertisement attached to this new kind of nail polish. Firstly, the word of just anyone is not acceptable to dispel the prohibition of the Shariah applicable to nail polish. It is haraam and highly irresponsible to accept whatever the manufacturer alleges, then to act on the assurance with the strong probability of destroying such an important ibaadat as Salaat.

Secondly, even if it is established beyond doubt that the nail polish is porous, then too it will not be permissible for women even married women, to utilize it in view of
the element of Tashabbuh bil Kaafiraat (emulation of non- Muslim women). The practice of applying nail polish is the custom of non-Muslim females. Muslim females who apply such polish are aping the ways of the kaafiraat, and such tashabbuh is haraam. For unmarried women, the prohibition has greater severity. The motive for application of kuffaar-style nail polish is satanic and immoral. Whilst married women may deceptively present the argument of ‘pleasing’ their husbands, remember that pleasing the husband in violation of Allah’s pleasure is Haraam. Tashabbuh bil Kaafiraat is not permissible even at the behest of the husband.

It should also be well understood that regardless of the nail polish being porous as is being contended by its manufacturer, it is not permissible to perform Salaat adorned in the manner of kaafiraat. Salaat performed in this way is Makrooh Tahreemi which is a forbidden act. Salaat is too important to be placed on the altar of doubt and destruction. Furthermore, the claim that this substance allows water to seep through is unproven.

It is essential that Muslim women do not allow themselves to be beguiled by the assurances of the manufacturer whose claim pertaining to the porous property of the
polish is unproven, and even if and when proven, the other factors of hurmat (prohibition) will still apply. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Whoever abstains from shubhaat (doubtful things), verily, he (or she) has saved his (or her) Deen and honour.” “Shun that which casts you into doubt….”


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