Many women fold, plait and wrap their hair into a huge ball on top of their heads. Severely condemning this lewd hair-style, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)
describing a group of Jahannum, said: “(They are) women who whilst dressed are naked; they are astray and they lead (males) astray (with their wiles and charms); their heads are like the humps of Bukhti camels. They will not enter Jannat nor will they smell of the fragrance of Jannat……….” (Muslim) 

The satanic purpose for adopting this haraam style is to attract the gaze of males. Thus the Hadith says that such women are astray and lead astray the men who gaze at her. Women sporting a ‘camel’s hump’ on their heads are among the accursed ones who are doomed for Jahannum. They will not even be allowed to smell of the wonderful fragrance of Jannat which according to the Hadith can be perceived from millions of miles.

Women with these lewd hair-styles should also remember that their Salaat in this condition is not accepted.. The other accursed characteristic of lewd women mentioned in this Hadith by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is ‘nudity despite garments’. Women whose garments are either transparent or tight-fitting are the targets of this castigation. The curse of Allah Ta’ala and of His Malaaikah constantly settles on such women who adopt immoral styles. They are described in the Hadith as a fitnah for themselves and a fitnah for others, that is, for men.


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