The avenue for expending Zakaat funds is the Fuqara and Masaakeen (the poor and destitute). Some molvies resort to a heelah (stratagem) which they apply to Zakaat funds to enable them to utilize the Zakaat in buildings and for paying the salaries of the Ustaads. They effect the heelah by giving the money to a poor student with the condition that he should ‘donate’ it to the Madrasah. The Molvi Saahib  feels very pleased with himself for having so ‘adroitly’ effected the stratagem. He believes that the Zakaat has also been discharged, and the funds could now be used for construction work and for salaries. Remember! that this heelah (stratagem) is pure drivel. While the people of knowledge (the Ulama) do not indulge in the sins committed by the masses, they commit sins under the guise of Knowledge. The sin of the molvi is also a molvi.

This type of heelah effected to Zakaat funds is totally nonsensical. Nothing is achieved by this stratagem. The funds remain Zakaat. This is not Tamleek. It is a concoction. What, do they intend to also deceive Allah Ta’ala? Allah Ta’ala is well aware of the condition of the hearts. Not an atom remains concealed from Him. As long as the one who receives the money does not genuinely believe that he has been made the owner (and that if he wishes, he may keep the funds for himself), Tamleek has not been effected. Some people utilize Zakaat funds unscrupulously as if they are the owners of the wealth. It is imperative to exercise great restraint in this regard. If they reflect in what they are perpetrating, they will realize their error. The Fuqaha have clarified that it is not permissible to adorn the Musjid with Waqf
funds which may be used for solidifying the structure (and for essentials of the Musjid).


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