As much as I try, I am unable to restrain my eyes from looking at ghair mahram females. I am aware of the severe punishment mentioned in the Hadith for this sin. Please prescribe a remedy to rid me of this sin.

Your ‘inability’ is the effect of nafsaani imagination. Allah Ta’ala did not impose on us an unbearable burden with the Ahkaam (Laws) of the Shariah. Pleading ‘inability’ implies complaint and accusation against Allah Ta’ala. The implication is that Allah Ta’ala has unjustly imposed on you such a burden which is beyond your bearing capacity. Such an implication is kufr. The problem with most people wallowing in this haraam malady of badnazri (lustful glances at females), and also vice versa, is that they are just not prepared to struggle against the nafs. Sounding a dire warning for indulgence in this abomination, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Whoever looks at the beauty of a woman (i.e. a woman unlawful for one) with lust, on the Day of Qiyaamah hot iron rods will be inserted in his eyes.” In the path of Islaah (moral reformation) there is no shortcut and no easy way.

The solution for all moral evils is only Mujaahadah, i.e. to struggle against the nafs – to apply pressure on the nafs and to restrain it from its evil dictates. To divert the eyes, you are not in need of muscles. Only a little fear for Allah Ta’ala is the requisite. Mujaadah is the system Allah Ta’ala has ordained for us. If Allah Ta’ala had desired that we should not undergo difficulty in the process of Islaah, He would not have created in us an evil nafs. Nor would He have created shaitaan. From this you should understand that there is no solution for badnazri and all other evils but to wage mujaahadah against the nafs. Every night set aside a few minutes for Muraaqabah (meditation). Sit in seclusion and reflect on Maut, the Qabr and Jahannum. If you are constant in such meditation, Insha- Allah, fear for Allah Ta’ala will generate in your heart. It will then become easier to restrain the eyes and the nafs. When your eyes want to stray, immediately remind yourself that Allah Ta’ala is watching you and the two Angels who are constantly with you are recording your sins. Also, lapse into thikr when the nafs makes evil demands. With Thikr, Shaitaan relinquishes his grip and flees, and it (Thikr) aids in the struggle to subdue the nafs.


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