People here in the U.S.A. have a custom called ‘Ameen’. On completion of a child’s Qur’aan recitation an “Ameen” celebration is held in a reserved banquet hall in a hotel where the cost runs into thousands of dollars. Ladies come all dolled up. Photography and videos are used to capture the occasion. Food is served on tables in kaafir style with knives and forks, etc., etc. Does the Shariah allow such a celebration when a child makes khatam of the Qur’aan Shareef?

The ‘Ameen’ celebration is another new-fangled immoral bid’ah custom. The considerable costs, the shaitaani hotel venue of the kuffaar, the attendance of ‘zaaniyah’ ladies (adorned in their finery and perfumed), the haraam photography and video, eating in kuffaar style, the riya (ostentation), the israaf, takabbur, etc. are all major sins and acts of immorality which compound the evil of the prohibition of this function. Even if all of these immoral factors did not exist in these functions, then too the very socalled ‘ameen’ celebration is
impermissible. There is no such function or custom in Islam. They are making a mockery of the Qur’aan Majeed. The added and aggravating crime of immorality is that they are giving ‘respectability’ and ‘holy’ coverage to the haraam function. Billions of children in Islams
14 century existence had made khatam of the Qur’an without the stupid and evil customs which people have fabricated in these times. Qur’aan khatam is not a new development which people are allowed to submit to their nafsaani whims and fancies for fabricating merrymaking functions to gratify the inordinate nafs.


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