Vaccine Quackery And Fraud : Pakistan Ulama In Cahoots With Government.

Some senior Ulama in Pakistan are fully supporting and promoting the government’s brutal policy of enforced immunization of children. Having been assured by some
members of the corrupt medical establishment of the hallucinated ‘safety’ and ‘necessity’ of vaccination, these Ulama have thrown caution to the winds, and have deemed it meritorious to throw in their lot with a vile kufr government in cahoots with the U.S.A. These Ulama have now become cogs in the diabolical U.S.
immunization plot conspired to maim and destroy nations.

There exists an avalanche of evidence written and compiled by innumerable scientists and western medical experts which conclusively proves the massive fraud of
vaccines, the damage and injury caused to human health by the haraam poisonous potions called vaccines. Thousands of pages of evidence are available, which
confirm beyond any doubt the disastrous effects of these fraudulent satanic vaccines and the haraam policy of immunization which vile governments enforce brutally on the illiterate masses. As far as the disaster of immunization is concerned, these Ulama are blissfully ignorant. They have miserably failed to proffer even an iota of Shar’i evidence for their baatil support of the haraam polio vaccination programme currently being cruelly enforced in Napakistan. These Ulama have failed to understand that it is haraam to introduce filth and disease into the body in anticipation of the satanic potion warding off future expected disease. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Allah has not put the cure of my Ummah in substances which are haraam for them.”

The vaccination programme is a stunning colossal fraud. A current vaccine fraud of massive proportion is a $19 million fraud. The National Institute of Health in the U.S.A. contributed $19 million for a research programme, but they soon realized that “something was terribly wrong with the research”. The findings of the health authorities state: “The investigation found that the Respondent falsified results in research to develop a vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus by intentionally spiking samples of rabbit sera with antibodies to provide the desired results. The falsification made it appear that rabbits immunized with the vaccine induced antibodies capable of neutralizing a broad range of HIV-1 strains.” Massive research fraud schemes are perpetrated by the big pharmaceutical companies.
It is a massive Mafia operation in which top government officials are involved. The poor Molvis in Pakistan have now allowed themselves to be hoodwinked and bamboozled to support the muck and poison programme of the kufr government of Napakistan.

The $19 million vaccine research fraud is the tip of the iceberg of vaccine industry fraud. Two scientists, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlowchoski accused some
scientists of spiking mumps vaccine with animal antibodies to deceive the world into believing that these poisonous vaccines are effective. It was the fraud that had allowed the peddling of the false claim of the mumps vaccine being 95% effective, “say the scientist whistleblowers”. “In reality, the fraudulent Merk mumps vaccine actually contributed to the spread of mumps across America”, the scientists explained.

“The spread of mumps, of course, results in more people buying mumps vaccines. This is how scientific fraud can produce enormous profits for vaccine companies. In many cases, vaccines actually spread the disease they claim to prevent.” This is precisely the cause of the polio epidemic in Napakistan. “The fact that an AIDS vaccine research has now been caught taking bogus AIDS vaccine in precisely the same way Merck scientists say Merk faked their vaccine tests is yet another significant red flag that screams the obvious: The vaccine industry is riddled with scientific fraud.

In the vaccine industry, fraud is part of the corporate culture, and it’s found in the fraudulent science, drug price fixing, widespread bribery of doctors, the faking of
“scientific” evidence and the industry’s payoffs to mainstream media in the form of advertising money.” The following information should be salubrious for the bamboozled Ulama of Pakistani: “Most vaccines don’t work. Flu shots don’t prevent the flu. Mumps and measles vaccines actually cause mumps and measles.
POLIO VACCINES CAUSE WIDESPREAD PARALYSIS AND POLIO-LIKE SYMPTOMS……… It is also a fact that former Merk scientist Dr.Maurine Hilleman openly admitted on tape that vaccines contained huge numbers of cancer-causing “stealth” viruses. ………..Just to make sure vaccines are as destructive as possible, the vaccine industry makes sure that nearly all vaccines are laced with neurotoxic chemicals……..

When it comes to vaccines, it’s all based on fraud. Logic and science are thrown out the window. Efficacy is utterly abandoned. Vaccines never need to prove they actually work. They are accepted as a matter of fact by the followers of the reductionist medical cult known as “western medicine”. When it comes to vaccines, the entire medical system has gone stark raving mad, quite possibly because they’ve vaccinated each other and are quite literally suffering from chronic mercury poisoning which damages the brain. The actions of this fake AIDS vaccine researcher aren’t even unusual: they’re par for the course. This is how nearly all vaccines get made! It’s the only way to make deadly, contaminated genetic cocktails appear to be effective when they really aren’t. Take away the fraudulent research and the vaccine industry collapses overnight. If subjected to the scrutiny of rational science, vaccines would almost immediately be declared quackery.” (NATURAL NEWS)
The Ulama in Pakistan have now also been entrapped by the Mafia quacks whose agent is the Napakistani government. It is a massive haraam boodle fraud based on a massive medical fraud in which the health of millions of children is wrecked and ruined.


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