Recognition Of Muslim Marriages.

Is it necessary for Muslim marriages to be recognized legally?

Neither is there a legal nor an Islamic need for Muslim marriages to be recognized. Nevertheless, if a Muslim has some mundane or other reason for wanting to register his marriage for the purpose of gaining legal recognition, then it will be permissible.

The marriage can be registered by a legally appointed Muslim marriage officer. There will soon be a proliferation of such marriage officers in the field for registering Muslim marriages thereby gaining legal recognition.

Before legally registering the marriage, it is of imperative importance, in fact WAAJIB, to enter into a marital agreement called Antenuptial contract which EXCLUDES the Accrual Clause. Adopting any other mat rimonial regime is HARAAM.

The Antenuptial Contract excluding the Accrual Clause allows for an Islamic Will. All other matrimonial contracts are in conflict with the Shariah in that the Islamic Will is not regarded valid in terms of the kufr law of the country.


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