We shall be going for Hajj, Insha’Allah. We intend to stay in Makkah and Aziziyah for 15 days. Are we musaafirs in Makkah and Aziziyah, and during the five days of Hajj?

Since it is your intention to stay 15 days in Makkah Muazzamah, you will not be a musaafir. You have to perform Salaat in full in Makkah as well as Aziziyah which is a suburb of Makkah. During the Days of Hajj you will still be a Muqeem because the
distance you will be travelling to Arafaat is less than 77 km (48 miles). At Mina, Mudhdalifah and Arafaat you will therefore not be a musaafir. You have to perform Salaat in full.


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