Vol 26 – No 06 | The Majlis – Zul-Hajj 1443 / July 2022

The Majlis Volume 26 Number 06


(Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi) Rahmatullah alayh

If you seek an interpretation for your dream, do not ask an ignoramus. Refer to an intelligent person who will present an intelligent meaning. In most cases, a dream materializes according to the  first interpretation given.

A man saw in a dream that his one leg was in the west and the other in the east. He asked the interpretation from some moron who said that his legs will be amputated. Shocked and fearful, the man went to an expert muabbir (dream-interpreter) for an interpretation. The muabbir enquired if he had already  asked anyone for an interpretation. When the man  explained  what  had been said about his dream, the muabbir said: ‘Alas! What he has said will happen. If you had come to me first, I would have presented a good interpretation.’


The Sahaabiyah, Hadhrat Yusayrah (Radhiyallahu anha) narrated that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

(O Women!) Make incumbent on yourselves  Tasbeeh, Taqdees and Tahleel. And count (these) on your fingers, for verily the fingers will be questioned and they will speak (on the Day of Qiyaamah).”

Tasbeeh: To recite Subhaanallaah.  Taqdees: To recite Yaa Quddooso. Tahleel: To recite Laa ilaha illallaah.


Hadhrat Fudhail Bin Iyaadh (Rahmatullah alayh) said that when Allah Ta’ala desires to present a gift to someone, then He appoints a zaalim (oppressor) over him. It is mentioned in the Hadith  that when the oppressed one curses the zaalim (oppressor), then he has thereby taken revenge. That means, he is deprived of aid from Allah Ta’ala. Therefore, the best course of action  when being oppressed is Sabr. Then Allah Ta’ala  takes up the defence of the oppressed one.

Hadhrat Yahya Bin Muaaz (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “I love to refrain from seeking vengeance when I am being oppressed.”


Q. I attended a janaazah. At the graveside Athaan was given. Is this valid?
A. Athaan at the graveside is bid’ah, and not permissible. It is an innovation of the Qabar Pujaaris (Grave-Worshippers).

Q. I have bought a property. Payment will be on the day of transfer. The money is in my possession. Is Zakaat payable on this amount?
A. You have to pay Zakaat on the money which is still in your possession.

Q. Is it permissible to sight the moon with a telescope, or does it have to be with the naked eyes? What about sighting with spectacles?
A. Sighting the moon with a telescope will not be valid for determining the Islamic months. The sighting has to be with the naked eyes. Spectacles are not in the category of telescopes and similar other instruments. The purpose of spectacles is to enable the weak eyes to see somewhat normally. Therefore sighting with normal spectacles is akin to sighting with the naked eyes.

Q. I made niyyat of performing 10 raka’ts Nafl, but did not begin with it. What is the ruling?
 If you merely made an intention, not a Vow (Nathr), then the Salaat will not be incumbent. Cancelling the niyyat before commencing the Salaat is valid. On the other hand, if one initiates even Nafl Salaat with Takbeer Tahrimah, then breaks it, qadha becomes Waajib.

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