Vol 26 – No 03 | The Majlis – Jumadiyuth Thaani 1443 / January 2022

The Majlis Volume 26 Number 03


(An extract from our forthcoming book, The Ambiyaa of Allah)

“There has come to you from your Rabb a Clear Proof. This is the Camel of Allah. It is for you a clear sign, therefore leave to graze in the land of Allah, and do not touch her with evil (harm), for then Allah will apprehend you with a Painful Punishment.” (Surah Al-A’raaf). 

…Hadhrat Nabi Saalih (Alayhis salaam) then supplicated to Allah Ta’ala and the small group of Muslims said ‘Aameen’. Simultaneously, a loud sound was heard from the mountain, and out emerged an extremely beautiful she-camel. She was munching fresh grass. No one had ever seen such a beautiful camel. Moments after her emergence she gave birth to a baby camel. By the command of Allah, immediately a fountain of water and a pasture land came into existence. The camel began grazing in this green land. …


“Hadhrat Abu Turaab Nakhbashi (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “When  a man  firmly resolves to  abstain from sin, then  the aid of Allah Ta’ala reaches him from all sides. Three  attitudes are signs of the darkness of the heart:

(1) The heart is not remorseful when sinning

(2) The heart does not incline to obedience

(3) Naseehat (advice/admonition)  makes no impact on his heart.”


Hadhrat Muslim Bin Qutaibah (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “I have met such noble persons who regarded leadership (government positions)  to be the greatest misfortune. But today people hanker after leadership whereas  those of earlier times would supplicate to Allah Ta’ala regarding any of their acquaintances who had taken up a governmental post: “O Allah! Obliterate him from my mind so that I no longer recognize him nor does he recognize me.”


Q. Many people charge ‘key money’ when hiring out their vacant shops. Is this permissible?
A. ‘Key’ money or goodwill money is haraam. It is Riba.

Q.   Is it permissible for a Maulana to teach Hifz to a boy who shaves his beard?
A.   It is not permissible for a Maulana to teach Hifz to a boy who shaves his beard or who openly violates any law of the Shariah.

Q. Is it permissible for two Janaazah Salaat to be performed for one mayyit. All the double Janaazah were performed with the consent of the Wali.
A. It is not permissible. It is bid’ah.

Q. Nowadays a tractor is used to fill the graves in the qabrustaan in Lenasia. The people are scared to come near to the Qabar for fear of the covid virus. Is this permissible?
 It is haraam to use a tractor to fill the Qabar without valid Shar’i reason. This is an incumbent duty on Muslims who have to fill the Qabar by hand. There are also Masnoon Duas to be recited whilst pouring sand into the Qabar with one’s hands. The cowardice and the kufr of Muslims are adequately mirrored by the tractor. The theories of the atheists have displaced their Imaan.

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