Describing the degeneration of the Tabligh Jamaat of Australia into a baati, deviate sect, a Molvi who was always a staunch Tablighi, writes:


I live in Australia.  I participated in the work of Tabligh for many years. A sad and deplorable condition has come about since the start of 2019. Unfortunately, the Tabligh Markaz was shut down even before the Govt. restrictions, and all the protocols were meticulously obeyed and promoted from the platform of Tabligh. It came to the point that anyone who did not comply was thrown out of the Masjid by the ‘COVID-19 Officer,’ during the performance of any of the five times daily Salaah. 

A worse situation happened when the vaccine was introduced to Australia. It was discussed, promoted and pushed in all the Tablighi Mashwaras which moved to online weekly Zoom sessions. Those who had differing views, believing that it was haraam and harmful, were given derogative names. They were accused of being ‘under a deception’ and their intelligence would be questioned for not follow the guidelines. This continued with the regular, falsifying statement that ‘all Australia Ulama’ are unanimous about its permissibility. The non-existent fatwa of its permissibility must be blindly followed and not questioned. 

Now that the lock down has been lifted after 77 days and the Masaajid are open for a limited number of patrons, with social distancing, of course, the workers of Tabligh in Melbourne have been told that anyone who has not taken the vax will not be able to participate in any Amal, central or otherwise.  A further instruction was made to permit Amal from a private or public Musalla, with a limited number of people, only for those that are vaccinated. So basically we have now been completely ostracised and banned from Tabligh. They have made the work of Da’wah conditional on vaccination. 

Basically in all this, the Zaalimeen are being helped and aided by pushing through all these so-called ‘safety’ protocols. We shed tears of grief. May Allah guide this Ummah. Aameen.

So essentially the condition here in Melbourne (with other states to soon follow) is we feel we are heading to a disastrous state of affairs with no Ulama and no work of Tabligh. To what extent should I join the work?

Until this time, the temporary state of Emergency gave the Govt the power to make and enforce such drastic laws. Another major concern we have is that a new law is being passed in this state of Victoria from December 15 that anytime a state of emergency can be declared for three months. If a person is caught, for example not wearing a mask etc, the potential is a fine up to $100 000 or be locked up behind bars for 2 years.

They are also building huge quarantine facilities and are clearly saying that this is going to be used for the ‘unvaccinated.’  These drastic laws, temporary or otherwise, to a certain degree, are being faced in all states of Australia except one. But the quarantine facilities are being built in all states.

Another major worry we have is for our children.  They want to bring in some laws that could harm our children’s Aakhirat and Dunya, or take our children away as unvaccinated parents will be considered a threat to society.

In view of these drastic laws, and now no nisbat with ‘Ulama’ here, while being concerned of our Imaan and Aakhirah, we are making Istikhara to do Hijrah. We now have no connection to any effort of Haqq we feel the need to make Hijrah to protect our Imaan and Deen. I sincerely seek Mashwarah in this matter.  Would you also recommend us to move looking at the threat to our Deen and Imaan?

(End of the Molvi’s letter)


There is no issue regarding the derailment of the Tabligh Jamaat from the course chalked out by its elders. The time may dawn to brand the entire Tabligh Jamaat a deviated sect – one of the Firqah Baatilah. It is clear that the Australian version of the Tabligh Jamaat is now effectively one of the deviant sects. Any Tablighi group which subscribes to the haraam, shaitaani policies of the Australian Tablighi gang will likewise be branded a deviant sect.

In view of the incremental disease of ghulu’ (haraam extremism) of which the Tabligh Jamaat globally suffers, even blatantly haraam acts such as the covid satanism are being accepted and even promoted. As the Molvi has explained, ‘tabligh’ in Australia is now conditional with the potion of Iblees (vaccine).

It is no longer permissible to join the Australian Tabligh Jamaat. This group has effectively become an Agent of Shaitaan. Muslims in Australia should not dwell in doubt regarding the status of the Tabligh Jamaat. It is now a sect of baatil guided by Iblees.

Those who are able to migrate from Australia should do so. It is not permissible to live in Australia where even concentration camps may be established to separate children from their parents. Islam has practically been abolished in Australia under the covid devil’s pretext. So-called ‘ulama’ and the Tabligh Jamaat have been co-opted by the insane, brutal Australian regime to give effect to the Covid Conspiracy. While millions of non-Muslims all over the world are protesting against the Covid Satanist plot, molvis, sheikhs and many ‘islamic’ outfits such as the Tabligh Jamaat, so-called ‘islamic’ associations of doctors, etc., have been enlisted by Iblees to achieve the fulfilment of the objectives of the Covid Conspiracy.

Among the items on the agenda of this Plot of Iblees is the abolition of Islam, and for this the conglomerate of Munaafiqeen of a variety of hues has been deployed by Shaitaan.

25 Rabiul Awwal 1443 – 1 November 2021


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