Now that Saudi Arabia has relaxed the social distancing protocol although retaining the mask rule and compulsory vaccination, is it permissible to go for Umrah and Hajj? A Mufti, giving his view, says: 

“The Covid vaccine taken for the purposes of Umrah and Hajj will be permitted if required by the Govt and deemed of a permitted source. The imposition of preserving lives and obeying the rule of Law (Wilayah) dictated such a ruling. Further details to be provided InshaAllah.” 

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The view proffered by the Mufti is baatil – baseless and erroneous. Firstly the vaccine contains confirmed haraam and poisonous substances. It has been reliably confirmed by innumerable experts that these satanic potions cause horrendous harm and injury to the body.

There is no obligation to obey the kufr regime of the Saudi Darul Kufr. Such obedience can not be imposed on anyone. Therefore, it remains haraam to take the potion of Shaitaan, the vaccine. Vaccination is a haraam method. It is the introduction of disease into the human body. It is a satanic method adorned by Shaitaan and utilized by the atheist plotters to maim, kill and decimate mankind.

The idea of ‘preserving lives’ is tantamount to kufr. Everyone will die at his/her appointed time with the permission of Allah Ta’ala. Rejecting this belief is kufr. The talk of ‘preserving life’ in the satanic covid context is the theory of the atheists. Muslims have lapped up this kufr and have accepted the haraam, kufr protocols as if these are the effects of Wahi. Molvis and Muftis have all fallen by the wayside in the cesspools of inequity which they have created for themselves by lapping up all the najaasat excreted by the atheists.

Haraam methods may not be adopted for ‘saving lives’. On the basis of this satanic concept have the ulama-e-soo’ at the behest of the atheists closed Musaajid and obsequiously submitted to the host of kufr protocols imposed by the kuffaar. They have suspended and abrogated fundamental acts of Ibaadat of Islam. Jumuah and the daily Fardh Jamaat Salaat had been suspended and are still suspended in many Musaajid purely at the behest of the kuffaar who have   corrupted the brains of the molvis and muftis with their kufr theories which are in diametric conflict with the teachings of Islam as propounded by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah.

Obeying the ‘rule of the law’, the so-called ‘wilayah’ is a stupid and baseless bit of advice. There is no obedience to any law, to any government and to any ‘wilayah’ when such obedience creates disobedience to Allah Ta’ala.  Of paramount importance is obedience to Allah Ta’ala, and that is submission to his Shariah.

These muftis of this era are extremely short-sighted and even corrupt and rotten to the core. They appear to be agents of governments and the objective is generally the haraam dollars.

In the current scenario it remains impermissible to go for Umrah and Hajj, primarily due to the haraam vaccination which the Kuffaar Saudi regime imposes of travellers.

13 Rabiul Awwal 1443 – 20 October 2021


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