The Mudhil miscreant, Reverend Abraham Bham, in his stupid, self-vindictive talk, said:

“It teaches us from Seerah that if you get something new, and it is beneficial, you adopt it, you don’t go and say this is not the way of our Akaabireen, this is not the way we did things.”

Our Comment

The Seerah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) does not teach haraam. It does not teach fisq, fujoor and kufr. If the “something new” is in conflict with any tenet or principle of the Shariah, it shall be condemned. It will be haraam regardless of its worldly benefit. 

Everything on earth has benefit. The Qur’aan confirms the benefits of pork and liquor, but these remain haraam. The “something new” will be declared haraam, not necessarily because it is at variance with the way of the Akaabireen. It will be harshly excoriated to depurate the Deen from the accretion of extraneous kufr matter innovated by the Zanaadaqah and Munaafiqeen. The Shariah is cast in solid Heavenly Rock which tolerates no interference by Munaafiqeen and Zanaadaqah. 

The Reverend Bham said:

“Something that is beneficial, you go and you take it. You don’t go and say, why must we take it? We didn’t do things like this before.”

Our Comment

No one is beguiled by this stupid red herring comment. It is not permissible to take just anything and everything   simply because that ‘something new’ is beneficial in this world. In fact, ‘benefits’ are the chimera with which Iblees entraps his victims. In Islam the criterion is not worldly benefit. Such benefit is an attribute of even faeces, urine, blood and all forms of najaasat (impurities).  The criterion for Mu’mineen is the Shariah. If a benefit is in conflict with any tenet, demand, teaching, principle or even the spirit of Islam, it shall be rebuffed, not adopted. 

If the ‘something new’ does not entail conflict with the Shariah, it is not rejected. On the contrary, everyone adopts it. Thus, all ‘new things’, e.g. modes of transport, computers, machinery, etc. etc. are accepted since these things do not conflict with the Shariah. Yes, a new ‘thing’ such as the potion of Iblees (vaccine) is not accepted. Furthermore, while there is some or much benefit in even liquor, pork, urine and excreta, there is nothing but haraam and damage in vaccines. It is pure satanism, unadulterated.

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