Al-Haq Bulletin Number 62

Al-Haq Bulletin Number 62


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Three persons are most hateful to Allah:

A mulhid in the Haram (i.e. a kaafir  in the Haram  of Makkah); the one who innovates a practice of jaahiliyyah in Islam, and the one who seeks to spill the blood of an innocent person.”

The violation of the sanctity of the Haram Shareef with kuffaar by the Saudi kufr regime has become a norm in this era.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) instructed Hadhrat Khaalid Bin Waleed (Radhiyallahu anhu) to demolish the tomb of the idol Uzzaa. When Hadhrat Khaalid demolished the tomb, an extremely ugly, abominable naked woman  emerged screaming hysterically. Hadhrat Khaalid (Radhiyallahu anhu) struck her with his sword, and she perished.

When Hadhrat Khaalid reported  the episode to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), he warmly congratulated Hadhrat Khaalid, and said:

“That woman whom you had killed was Uzzaa, Never again will she be worshipped.”

The mushrikeen used to worship the  idol of Uzzaa. A shaitaani sound was emitted from it. In this idol was a khabeeth (evil) spirit who used to talk. When Hadhrat Khaalid demolished the idol, that evil spirit assumed the form of the evil woman whom Hadhrat Khaalid killed.


In the Qur’aan Majeed, Allah Ta’ala provides the prescription for thwarting the plots and conspiracies of the kuffaar. Thus, Allah Ta’ala says:

“If you adopt Sabr and Taqwa, their plot will not harm you in any way whatsoever. Verily, Allah engulfs whatever they (the kuffaar) are doing (and plotting)”  (Aale Imraan, 120)


Q.   What is the ruling  regarding saluting the national flag and singing the national anthem in which  there are words of kufr?
A.   Saluting the flag and singing the national anthem which contains words of kufr are haraam. They lose their Imaan with such indulgence.

Q.   Is it permissible to join the police in the U.K.?
A. It is haraam to  become a policeman in the U.K. and even in today’s Muslim countries. All governments are shaitaani’s agents of oppression and injustice.

Q.   Widespread fires in the U.S. are causing havoc and  destruction on a massive scale. Can this be a punishment from Allah Ta’ala?
A.   What doubt is there in these massive fires being Allah’s punishment? The ravaging fires are Allah’s Athaab for America.  Allah Ta’ala is destroying America  gradually by degrees.  The US is suffering internally from  many woes. Its internal cancer is bleeding it to destruction. No empire lasts for ever. Allah Ta’ala is bringing this ‘super power’ to its knees.  Its huge and sophisticated military, navy and air force will not be able to help it against Allah’s Punishment. America is being punished for the oppression and brutality it is guilty of. All over the world America has left  trails of brutality and destruction.

Al-Haq Bulletin Number 62


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