Vol 25 – No 10 | The Majlis – Jumadiyuth-Thaani 1442 / January 2021

The Majlis Volume 25 Number 10


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “When Allah decrees that a person should die in a certain land,  then He creates the circumstances (for that person to go to that place).”


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that  looking at the face of parents with affection  is the equivalent in reward of one Hajj. Therefore look at the face of your mother and father many times and make dua  for them to have sukoon (peace) and a Maut with Imaan. If you look at their faces ten times daily, you will, Insha-Allah, receive the thawaab of ten Hajj daily.


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:  “I  have cursed six persons and Allah has cursed them. The dua of every Nabi is accepted. (The six are): The one who adds to the Kitaab of Allah. The one who denies Qadr (the Belief of Taqdeer). The tyrannical oppressor who honours the one whom Allah has disgraced, and disgraces the one whom Allah has elevated. The one who desanctifies the Haram (Ka’bah) of Allah. The one who violates the honour of my Family. The one who abandons my Sunnah.”


Q.   If wudhu breaks whilst making wudhu, should it be repeated from the beginning?
A.   If wudhu breaks during the process of making wudhu, it should be repeated from the beginning.

Q.   On his return journey when does a musaafir no longer remain a musaafir? When does he stop performing Qasr Salaat?
A.   The person remains a musaafir right until the boundary of his home town. He may perform Qasar Salaat as long as he has not entered the boundary of his hometown. The moment the musaafir enters the boundary of his hometown, he ceases being a musaafir.

Q.   Can Durood be recited in Sajdah?
A.   It is not permissible to recite Durood in Sajdah. Only Tasbeeh may be recited in Sajdah.

Q.   How many holes may a lady pierce in her ears?
   A lady may pierce her ears only with one hole in each ear.  More than one is the style of the kuffaar.


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