A Brother queries:

Assalaaamualaikum. The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa was asked on numerous occasions regarding their stance on Raafidhi Shias, their stance on feminism and LGBT, we also know of a senior Mufti who was threatened due to asking the question to their iftah department. 

Now our question is as follows.. 

When we all can glaringly see they are refusing to answer these questions based on the fact that if they answer and speak against it, it will foil their future plans to unite with these groups on the basis of maslihat. 

And if they support it openly now they will Lose the support of the masses and the darul ulooms who on the basis of respect do not speak out openly. 

Why don’t the various madaaris ask them these questions and blow this out in the open now? 

Why are we not treating them like any other baatil firqah and safeguarding the Ummah from this harm? May Allah open up the truth

(End of query)

The fact is that these vile characters of the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg are not Muslims. They are pure Munaafiq. While They have abundantly displayed their nifaaq in many practices, they committed self-immolation on the Musaajid issue. They exposed their nifaaq by arguing vehemently against Salaat and the Musaajid.

Their objectives are worldly and satanic, hence they will NOT acquit themselves like Muslims. They will even come out in open support of the Shiahs and the LGBT mob.

May Allah Ta’ala destroy them with His La’nat.

29 Zul Qa’dh 1441 – 21 July 2020


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