The Shariah’s mas’alah pertaining to females undertaking journeys is well-known to all and sundry in the same way as the masaa-il pertaining to Tahaarat and Salaat are known.

It has been known since the inception of Islam that it is haraam for a woman to undertake a journey of three days or more without being accompanied by her husband or some other mahram (father, son, brother etc.). It is among the major sins for a woman to go on a journey without a mahram. The la’nat (curse) of Allah Azza Wa Jal settles on her and remains attached to her as long as she has not returned home.

This Prohibition has greater meaning and greater emphasis in this age of fitnah – vice and immorality. However, a group of 17 misguided molvis in Pakistan deemed it appropriate to convene a stupid, wasteful, merrymaking conference to decide this simple issue. The agenda of these mudhilleen was in reality to extravasate some leeway for the cancellation of the Prohibition, and to open up the gate for the perpetration of this capital haraam act.

Shaitaan has inspired them in this age of fitnah and fasaad to provide a free licence to women who are already travelling without mahrams in flagrant and reckless disregard of Allah’s Prohibition. While these women who are already in the public domain acting as they deem best in their lewd interests, these molvis have laboriously, but abortively, endeavoured to justify the evil conduct of the women with their zigzag fatwa.

Instead of resorting to Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar (Commanding virtue and prohibiting vice), these liberal molvis intoxicated by western influences, deemed it appropriate to misinterpret the Ahaadith and the Aqwaal of the Fuqaha to extricate the rubbish, zigzag fatwa of permissibility for a Kabeerah sin. They have attempted to achieve this stunt by their mismanipulation of the Shar’i principle of Dhuroorah, which in a nut shell permits eating of a little pork for a starving person who is unable to find any halaal food.

Alhamdulillah, we have refuted all their baatil, insipid and stupid arguments in this treatise. May Allah Ta’ala guide this errant and humiliated Ummah.

MUJLISUL ULAMA OF S.A. Jumadil Ula 1441 – January 2020



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