A new scientific method of producing meat in laboratories has been invented. Soon the lab-meat will be on the market for the masses. Will such ‘meat’ be halaal?  According to the American Fiqh Academy, the ‘meat’ will be halaal if certain conditions are observed. What does the Shariah say about this matter?


The very concept of lab-meat is satanic.  The followers of Iblees and the atheists also dub it ‘test-tube meat’. Just as test-tube production of humans is satanic so too is the test-tube production of meat satanic and haraam. 

Scientists – 99.9999% of them – are atheists. They are the most stupid and the worst satanic morons who darken this earth. In fact they are worse than Iblees, for Iblees does not deny the existence, power and glory of Allah Azza wa Jal.  Iblees manipulates his illegitimate progeny, the scientists and those professed Muslims who crawl into the ‘lizard’s hole’ in drunken emulation of the kuffaar atheist scientists, to promote immorality, villainy and vice, and all acts and methods which are morally, spiritually and spiritually destructive to man. 

Since kuffaar are bereft of even the slightest understanding of The Creator (Khaaliq) and of the Aakhirat, shaitaan has succeeded to overwhelm and convolute their brains with the hallucination of the world running out of man’s food supply in the near future. Since the devil has succeeded to embed this phantom into their vermiculated brains, he inspires them with the methods of satanism for the fulfillment of man’s

natural needs – needs for which Allah Azza Wa Jal has made arrangement  and  needs  which are the responsibility of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Thus, the Mashaaikh say:

“Upon us is only the obligation to worship (and obey) Him as He has commanded us, and on Him is the obligation to feed us as He has promised us.”

Lab Meat, Cultured Meat


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