Torture of Women in Syria’s Dungeons

Torture of Women in Syria’s Dungeons


We are reproducing here  the article, ‘NO ONE HEARS US’ – TORTURE OF WOMEN IN SYRIA’S DUNGEONS, which has been published by TRT WORLD RESEARCH CENTRE.

At the end of the article, we have added Naseehat for Muslims. It is hoped that reflection on the absolute horrors and misery which  thousands of Muslim women in Syria have been subjected to by the vile Butcher Assad’s forces, will  dispel  the blindness and deafness of this degraded and degenerate Ummah. It is our fervent supplication that Allah Ta’ala in His infinite mercy will grant Muslims the taufeeq for contemplating, understanding and deriving lesson from the sub-beastly savagery of Assad’s swines whose unimaginable barbarasm puts swines to shame and generates pity in the heart of even Iblees.

The signs for Muslims to contemplate on and derive lesson are numerous. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“And, on earth there signs (for lessons) for those who have true faith. And, even in yourselves (there are Signs for lesson). What! Are you unable to see?”

In other words: Have you no brains and intelligence to heed what is happening around you? The signs are innumerable all around us and in us. When the Signs of Allah Ta’ala are ignored, then in the long term the consequences of misery are too ghastly to contemplate. 

The absolute horrors and sub-barbarianism of the tortures to which these unfortunate Muslim women have been subjected too, and still being  subjected too, appear so far-fetched that believing  these horror scenarios are true, is difficult.  But the extreme brutality perpetrated by Assad’s swines is the reality despite it being unimaginable for even savages and barbarians. 

It is our heartfelt and sincere dua that Muslims will contemplate, heed and derive lesson from the extreme brutality which words cannot adequately describe. Today, as a consequence of our own gross abandonment of the Deen, Muslims are not safe anywhere in the world. Read the Naseehat at the end of this article and derive lesson before it is too late.

Torture of Women in Syria’s Dungeons


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