1 Zil Qa’dh 1440
4 July 2019


The miserable and heart-breaking plight of the Syrian refugees needs no introduction. Hundreds of thousands of these refugees, mostly women and children, are languishing in dire conditions of abject misery – misery in every field of life. 

However, the heart-tendering misery of this segment of the Ummah has attained graver heart-rending levels with the recent ruthless, cruel inhuman bombing of civilians in the Idhlib region which is so far in the control of the anti-Asad forces. The recent relentless brutal assaults from the air on the civilian population have resulted in an exodus of hundreds of thousands. Thousands of families – mostly women and children – have been assigned to the open desert without the barest of shelter. 

They are exposed to the extreme, sweltering, blazing heat with temperatures of 45 degrees. There is not even a tree for cover. They are in the stark open suffering the hardships of the misery which have befallen them. They are completely exposed to the extreme weather elements without any meaningful aid. 

The governments of the so-called Muslim countries are totally – totally oblivious and totally uncaring of the heart-breaking plight of these unfortunate refugees, mainly women and children. Even Turkey remains stone-hearted, ignoring the plight of these refugees. Whilst Turkey has become adept in the art of making pro-Islam and pro-Muslim noises, in reality it is just as stone-hearted as the rest of the so-called Muslim World. Turkey’s pro-Muslim stances are political expediencies unrelated to Islam and the plight of the Ummah.  

Turkey has squandered billions of dollars arming ISIS simply because this haraam, illegitimate entity acted as a killer of the Kurds who are Turkey’s enemy No.1. But Turkey provides no aid for the Mujahideen of Jabat Nusrah who are fighting the kuffaar Syrian regime.


The immediate and most urgent need is to provide tents for the thousands of Syrian refugees, mainly women and children. At least some shelter and some ‘comfort’ will be provided by the tents for these extremely unfortunate Muslims.  While this is a project for governments, they all, including Turkey, remain cold and unconcerned with the plight of the refugees. 

It is therefore the Waajib duty of Muslims to search their hearts deeply and to dig deeply into their coffers to assist with the TENT PROJECT. Whatever Muslim communities can offer for this project, will at least assist some of the innumerable suffering thousands.

The cost of a small tent is approximately R5000 ($300). Muslims with stone hearts are squandering millions of rands on haraam touring, mock umrahs and varieties of other luxuries. They offer lip-support and sympathy while they continue with their reckless shaitaani waste. Regarding the stone-hearted people, Allah Ta’ala says in His Qur’aan Majeed:

“Then their hearts became hard like stone. In fact, harder than stone, for verily, from some stones (rocks) spring forth rivers, and some stones split open and water emerges, and some rocks roll from heights out of fear for Allah.”

All of us who squander wealth on luxuries, holidays, mock umrahs, touring, visiting the ‘three harams’, haraam wedding functions, conferences, parties, mass mock i’tkaafs,  jalsahs, unnecessary expensive vehicles for show and pride, etc., etc., etc., have become the stone-hearted brothers of the shayaateen. So does Allah Ta’ala describe us all for our waste. And all of this waste is happening at a time when millions of the Ummah are undergoing horrendous trials of misery and suffering. 

It is hoped that Muslims will do some soul-searching and open their hearts, and cancel their mock umrah trips, and contribute the money earmarked for waste, for purchasing tents for the luckless, suffering brothers, sisters and children who are exposed to the extreme weather conditions in the open without any shelter. Put yourself in their position by contemplation to soften your heart. 

There are many in our community who can afford multiple tents. Do take advantage of this opportunity of genuine Sadqah which has come your way. Contribute whatever you are able for this TENT PROJECT. Zakaat may also be given. The tents will be given into the ownership of the suffering, mainly Sisters.

Our banking details are: 


Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa

A/c no. 1217 040 145

Standford Quarter Branch (code 198765)

Port Elizabeth

(Sorte Code NEDSZAJJ)


MUZO  of S.A.

A/c no. 08 06 45 240

Branch Code:  050217

Branch: Berry’s Corner, Port Elizabeth


Mujlisul Ulama of SA

A/c no. 40 8255 6635

Port Elizabeth

Those who wish to contribute cash, may contact Abudus Samad Mall, Cell phone 082 786 6662

THE NEED IS IMMEDIATE. JAZAAKALLAAH! May Allah Ta’ala grant much barkat and may He accept your Sadqah contribution which you will see on the Day of Qiyaamah. Allah Ta’ala says in this regard:

“And give to Allah a Beautiful Loan. Whatever virtue you send forth for yourselves, you shall find it by Allah better and greater with regards to reward. And, seek forgiveness from Allah (for your sins). Verily, Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.”



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