Makrooh Tahreemi The Meaning Of_booklet

By Molvi Muhammad Huzaifah Ibn Aadam

An unfortunate state of affairs today is that most of those carrying around the title of `Ulamaa are in fact either Juhalaa (ignoramuses) or Shayaateen prowling about in human form. They fall into two categories:

(1) Those who spread baatil because they are too stupid to know what is the Haqq. This is the type of Molvi who slept during classes and graduated from whatever Darul Uloom despite not being able to correctly read and understand even a single paragraph of Arabic. As a result, they spread baatil beliefs without even realising their folly.

(2) Those who have in fact acquired some “book knowledge”. They know very well what the Haqq is, but because they are in fact Shayaateen (be it Shayaateen-ul-Ins or Shayaateen-ul-Jinn), they intentionally conceal the Haqq from people and propagate baatil to mislead them from the Path of Allaah Ta`aalaa.

Stating this fact will cause many people to become upset and offended, but the truth remains the truth regardless of who likes or dislikes it.

This brief article deals with an issue regarding which the Ulamaa-e-Soo (or Juhalaa-e-Soo) are blatantly dishonest. It is the issue of Makrooh Tahreemi (Prohibited Abomination) and its meaning in the Hanafi Madh-hab.


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