Which Tabligh Jamaat group does The Majlis support? Should we join the World Shoora group or Molvi Sa’d’s group? In some articles The Majlis had criticized Molvi Sa’d. Now in the latest article the World Shoora group has been taken to task. What is the stand of the Majlis regarding these two Tabligh Jamaat groups?


Our latest article should not be construed as an abrogation of our earlier criticism of Molvi Sa’d. That criticism stands. Our stance is stated with clarity in all our articles. There is no ambiguity in our stance and attitude. Several people have written to The Majlis posing similar questions as above. It is therefore appropriate to spell out our stance with greater clarity. This statement will be brief. A fuller and more detailed explanation shall be published soon, Insha-Allah.

We do not support any of the two factions of the Tabligh Jamaat. We believe that both factions are in error. Ikhlaas (Sincerity) has been eliminated in the wake of the mutual fracas, bitterness and enmity. The Tabligh Jamaat has violently and wildly veered off course – far from the Path which its original elders had steered along. The current course of the Jamaat is taking the Tabligh Jamaat further adrift from Siraatul Mustaqeem.

By having imported into South Africa and into all other countries the satanism of the leadership crises, the objective of the Tabligh Jamaat is being incrementally defeated and destroyed. The mutual hatred in the two factions is incredibly evil and haraam.

Our advice is that those who are genuinely concerned about the Deen and who genuinely desire to continue the Tabligh methodology of Maulana Ilyaas (Rahmatullah alayh), should distance themselves from the leadership calamity. They should ensure that they work strictly within the confines of the SIX points of the Jamaat, not diverging an iota from this course. They should forget Nizaamuddin and Raiwand. Both locations have become worldly stations of fitnah. Just continue with the Tabligh work as if there is no leadership struggle. Do not enter into any controversy or discussion pertaining to the leadership satanism.

Shaitaan has a firm grip on the leaders and he is in fact in control of the current conflagration which is extinguishing the Tabligh Jamaat. Bypass Raiwand and Nizaamuddin, and work locally. There is more than ample Deeni services for the Tabligh Jamaat groups in all countries. All Tabligh groups should operate within the confines of their own respective countries.  It is not permissible to squander enormous sums of money travelling to other countries for Tabligh work.

The Tabligh Jamaat work has spread to almost all countries. There are sufficient local workers in every country to continue the work of the Tabligh Jamaat, hence there is no need to import foreign jamaats to compliment the local jamaats. Travelling from one country to another for Tabligh Jamaat activity has outlived its utility. Whilst there was a need for it some time ago, this need has been fulfilled. Now, the travelling is just baatil and wasteful touring. Too much wealth is squandered baselessly in these unnecessary journeys. And the worst curse is these women’s jamaats piloted by Iblees.

If the niyyat is to sincerely serve Allah Ta’ala, then abandon those who conduct themselves divisively and who make ‘tableegh’ of sectarianism. Do not be recruited to any group. Participate in the work, but if any shaitaaniyat ornafsaaniyat becomes an item of discussion or tableegh, then implement the Qur’aanic advice:

“When they (the Muttaqeen) hear nonsense, they turn away from it, and they say: ‘For us are our deeds, and  for you are your deeds. Salaam on you. We do not follow the jaahileen.”

13 Safar 1439 (3 November 2017)


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