The Accursed Evil Of Digital Pictures Of Animate Objects

The following example of a Fatwa is fully derived from, based on, and in complete conformity with the absurd, incongruous, and illogical Fatwas on Tasweer (image/picture-making) issued by Hadhrat Mufti Taqi Saheb and Hadhrat Mufti Rafi Saheb – henceforth referred to as the ‘venerable Muftiyayn’. It is NOT to be implemented regardless of the countless “Maulanas” and “Muftis” today who may have adopted a position similarly incongruous to this Fatwa. It is purely for illustration purposes:


Q. I have a couple of cushions, in my house, on which are a few innocent, decorative pictures of animals. Is this permissible? I have seen many people, even scholars, having photographs and paintings displayed in their house. Also, I have plastered every single wall of my house with plasma screens displaying live and recorded images of humans and animal wildlife. Is this permissible? Will the angels of mercy be able to enter my house?


A. According to authentic Ahadith, the authors of a few decorative pictures of animate beings on a cushion will be subjected to the most severe of torments reserved for the Musawwiroon. Those who make use of such pictures will face a similar fate. This ruling applies to ALL pictures regardless of the means or technology employed in the past, today, or in the future, to produce such pictures. Thus, photographs and photographers carry the exact same ruling. Your use of the word “innocent” for those innocent pictures is wholly erroneous. In the Shari’ah there is no such thing as an innocent picture of an animate object. ALL pictures of animate objects are evil.


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