1. Q) Many people coming to the Musjid have the bad habit of leaving their shoes scattered at the entrance although shoe racks are provided. This inconveniences other musallis who have to  sometimes tramp on the shoes when entering. Please comment.
  2. A) Whilst this bad and Makrooh habit may appear insignificant, it in reality displays the anarchy within the hearts of Muslims. They have no care for others. It is haraam to unnecessary cause inconvenience to others. Kicking off their shoes and scattering  it at the entrance, reveal that they were not taught Islamic morals at home by their parents. Thus, they are just too lazy and inconsiderate of others.

It is NOT permissible to kick off one’s shoes at the entrance of the Musjid, especially when shoe racks are available. If the careless person who kicks off his shoes at the entrance is wearing expensive shoes, he will not act so carelessly and callously. He will place his shoes in the racks. The love of money constrains him to show consideration to his shoes. The shoes which are kicked off are cheap ones, cheap sandals, tongs and the like which no one will steal.

They also show scant or no appreciation for the ni’mat of shoes provided by Allah Ta’ala.

No matter how cheap the item may be, it is a ni’mat provided by Allah Ta’ala and has to be appreciated and treated with respect. These people have the same evil habit of scattering their clothes at home thereby pleasing shaitaan. Shaitaan loves dirty and lazy people. They are his fertile ground for his wasaawis and snares. A Muslim is required to be alert, tidy and clean at all times. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Verily, Allah is clean, and He loves cleanliness. Therefore, keep clean (even) that section outside your home (despite it not being your property).”



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