‘Beyond the Beats’ on ITV

  1. Recently a brother recorded ‘Beyond the Beats’ on ITV. It appears as below on ITV:

“Overflowing with the sound of a variety of Islamic vocal music, catering for the youth and older generation alike. You the viewer choose the Top 10 Nasheeds forthe week via social networks.”

      Out of interest I watched it as he had said that on these Nasheeds were baligh girls and adult women. When i watched it I witnessed:

  1. Mature (Baalighah) girls 
  2. Adult females 
  3. Female hair on display 
  4. Female body on display
  5. The nasheeds had clean shaven men and teenagers in them
  6. The nasheeds were designed to create lust in a man watching them when they flash the woman or baaligh girl across the screen.
  7. Women wearing tight fitting clothes and at times exposing the shape of their bodies.

ITV has stooped to such low levels as to expose our mothers and sisters and create a desire for women and music using their Nasheed artists. My advice to anyone watching ITV is: DON’T WATCH ITV!


ANSWER: Brother, you erred and indulged in a kabeerah sin watching  the filth of shaitaan disgorged by Shaitaan’s agent, ITV.  It is not a question of ITV ‘stooping to  a low level’. Since its very inception this appendage of  Shaitaan  was  at  the  lowest gutter level of fisq and fujoor, below which there is no lower level.

The females participating in this show of Iblees are all confirmed zaaniyahs. They are the snares of Iblees. Iblees is utilizing his agent, ITV to set up all his zaaniyah traps to destroy the already rotten Muslim society.  Those who watch  the ITV Eye of Dajjaal are rotten to the core. The show is the worst type of zina from beginning to end.

Radio Shaitaan, Channel Shaitaan and ITV Shaitaan, and similar other appendages of Shaitaan are all the introductory signs of Allah’s universal Athaab, the dark clouds of which are conspicuously overhanging this errant, misguided and immoral community. The Voice of Iblees is indeed an extremely potent trap. This satanic trap is given enhanced potency by the Zaaniya  Habaailush Shaitaan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that women are  Habaailush Shaitaan (The Traps of Shaitaan).


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