In fact, Salaat performed with lewd garments such as T-shirts and jeans is not accepted even if such clothing has no crosses. Q. Is it not permissible to eat anything until after the Eid Salaat, and if one is making Qur’baani, then one has to eat from one’s Qur’baani animal?

It is preferable (Mustahab) not to eat anything before the Eid Salaat on Eidul Adha, and to eat something from your Qur’baani animal. If it is difficult to practise on this Mustahab, then there is nothing wrong if one eats something else after Eid Salaat. It is quite possible that one may have to wait for many hours or even until the next day or the third day to obtain some meat from one’s animal, especially if the Qur’baani is done by someone else who is catering for numerous people.


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