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(1) Someone asked Hadhrat Qaasim Bin Muhammad (rahmatullah alayh) about singing. He said: “I prohibit singing and I detest it.” The person asked: “Is it haraam?” Hadhrat Qaasim replied: “Son! When Allah Ta’ala will separate Haqq and Baatil, to which category will He assign singing?” (Ruhul Ma-aani) The clear-cut self-evident answer is that singing will be assigned to the baatil category. It is not the Haqq. It is falsehood. It is the voice of shaitaan.

Imaam Qurtubi narrates the following ruling of Hadhrat Qaasim Bin Muhammad (rahmatullah alayh):“Singing is baatil, and baatil will be in the Fire.” (Tafseer Qurtubi)
(2) Hadhrat Qaasim Bin Muhammad (rahmatullah alayh) also said: “Allah curses the singer and the audience.”

(3) Uthmaan Laithi (rahmatullah alayh) narrating from Yazeed Bin Waleed (rahmatullah alayh) said:“O Bani Umayyah! Beware of singing. It destroys shame, increases carnal lust and eliminates honour. It is the representative of liquor. It does what liquor does. Verily, singing invites to zina (fornication).” (Ruhul Ma-aani)

(4) Hadhrat Dhuh-haak (rahmatullah alayh) said:“Singing destroys wealth, enrages Allah and ruins the heart.” (Ruhul Ma-aani)

(5) Hadhrat Ibraaheem Nakh’i (rahmatullah alayh) said:“Singing sows nifaaq (hypocrisy) in the heart.” (Tafseer As-Siraajul Muneer)

This is in fact Rasulullah’s statement which Hadhrat Nakh’i had heard from his Ustaadh Alqamah who was the Student of Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (radhiyallahu anhu).

(6) When Hadhrat Umar Bin Abdul Azeez (rahmatullah alayh) sent his children to their Ustaad, Sahl (rahmatullah alayh), he wrote the following to the Ustaadh: “The first thing you should ingrain in them by your instruction is an aversion for musical instruments. These had been originated by shaitaan. Their consequence is the Wrath of Rahmaan (Allah Ta’ala).

Verily, it has reached me from highly authentic Ulama that to be present at a place where musical instruments are playing, to listen to singing and to desire it, germinate hypocrisy in the heart just as water germinates plants. I take oath that it is simpler for an intelligent man to abstain from such (evil) places than to allow nifaaq to become embedded in the heart.” (Ad-Durrul Manthur)

(7) Hadhrat Umar Bin Abdul Azeez (rahmatullah alayh) who was the Khalifah and known as Umar, The Second, issued the following order to his governors in the various lands of the Islamic empire:“Verily, these Ajmi people amuse themselves with some things which shaitaan has made adorable for them. Save the Muslims at your place from these things……Save them from these baatil (false, haraam) things, from futility, from singing and other similar acts. If they do not desist, then punish them within the limits (of the Shariah).” (Tabqaat Ibn Sa’d)

(8) Hadhrat Fudhail Bin Iyaadh (rahmatullah alayh) said:“Singing is the spell of zina.” (Talbeesul Iblees)

(9) Hadhrat Sayyid Abdul Qaadir Jilaani (rahmatullah alayh) said: “It (singing and music) is not permissible for anyone. If anyone says: ‘I listen to it for the remembrance of Allah,’ we shall say that he is a liar because the Shariah has not differentiated in this. If it (singing) was ever permissible, it would have been permissible for the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam).” (Ghuniyatut Taalibeen)

These statements will suffice to indicate the evil of music and singing, and the abhorrence which Islam has for these voices of shaitaan.

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