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For the guidance and benefit of Muslims, we present here the ruling of the Shariah on music and singing.

(1) All musical instruments are haraam, including the duff.

(2) The duff is permitted by the Shaafi Math-hab for marriage occasions provided that it is not used as an instrument of lewd music as is the general practice. It is primarily an instrument of announcing the marriage. But no one uses the duff in our environment. In our societies the duff no longer exists. The modern-day musical drums are not the duff mentioned in the Hadith.

(3) Public singing for an audience, even without music and even if the song is not immoral, is haraam.

(4) Singing to oneself without instruments is permissible provided it does not become a habit nor is much time squandered in it.

(5) Singing which has become an occupation is not permissible. Such unlawful singing is the feature of nazam- singing which the satanic radio stations run by misguided Muslims have introduced. It is not permissible to listen to the radio-qaseedahs on account of it having become an occupation, and also because of the haraam kuffaar musical tones which accompany the futility of nazams. The English nazams are particularly evil and haraam due to the kuffaar style and tune of the singing.

One of the most effective tools of enticement which Dajjaal will offer will be music and singing with which he will lure, entrap and destroy people in the cauldron of kufr he will boil for them.“And, when they (the Mu’mineen) pass by laghw (futility and haraam), they pass with noble dignity (never participating therein).” (Qur’aan)

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