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In substantiation for the claim of permissibility of the voice of shaitaan, rational arguments are also presented. It should be well-understood that Islam is the product of Wahi
(Revelation of Allah), delivered to the Sahaabah by the Naql (Narration) of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). This divinely revealed Islam was then transmitted down the centuries to posterity by way of reliable and authentic Naql, not by way of Aql (reason/intellect).

Aql has its confined limits of operation in matters of the Deen. But, it is kufr to employ Aql and rational arguments to override what has been established by reliable and authentic Naql which is the very foundation of this Deen’s authenticity. This was the fundamental and fatal blunder which the philosophers had committed. In their fanciful flights of imagination they had made Deen subordinate to Aql. In so doing they plunged into the never-ending abyss of kufr. The subordination of Naql to Aql for verification, authenticity and acceptance is plain kufr.

Irrespective of whatever appeal any rational argument may exercise, the criterion of its acceptance or rejection is Wahi and the Shariah to which Wahi gave rise. Rational arguments cannot be presented in refutation of the rulings of Islam established and evidenced by authentic Naql (Narration).

The prohibition of music and singing is the pronouncement of the Qur’aan and Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). These pronouncements and decrees of the Shariah – of the Qur’aan and Sunnah – may not be refuted with rational arguments. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the Islam which has reached us via the authentic channels of Naql, should take his route out of Islam and either join some other religion of kufr or create for himself a new religion of falsehood.

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