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A ploy of deception employed by modernist deviates who themselves are entirely ignorant of the principles governing the Ilm (Knowledge) of Hadith, is their fallacious claim that the Ahaadith which prohibit music and singing are Dhaeef. While the term, Dhaeef is of technical import in the Knowledge of Hadith, it is stupidly construed in a literal sense.

The ignoramuses labour to mislead and confuse unwary and ignorant laypeople with the manifestly false averment of Dhaeef meaning literally ‘weak’ and unreliable Ahaadith which have to be discarded into the waste. They reason like the jaahil who says that the terms, Bachelor of Arts, for example, refer to an unmarried male who engages in some form of art work.

Although dhaeef literally means ‘weak’, it never means that Ahaadith classified into this category are wholly unfit in the process of production of evidence and substantiation for a claim, rule or teaching. It suffices for the Ummah that thegreatest authorities of the Shariah – the Aimmah-e- Mujtahideen – brought these very same Ahaadith as the basis for their rulings.

The Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen surpasses the later Muhadditheen in the knowledge of Hadith and formulation of Law based on the Qur’aan and Sunnah. While the rulings of the Fuqaha in general, and the Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen in particular, are binding on the Muhadditheen, the latter have no jurisdiction, no authority and no superiority over the Aimmah Mujtahideen.

Secondly, in addition to certain Dhaeef narrations on the question of music and singing, there are a number of higher categories of Ahaadith such as Saheeh and Hasan which constitute the basis on which the prohibition is structured. Thirdly, it is a principle of Hadith accepted by all authorities that when a Dhaeef Hadith is supported by several different Asaaneed (Chains of Narration), its category is elevated, and the quality of dhu’f is negated. But the juhala do not understand the working of the principles of Hadith due to their compound ignorance.

This unprincipled and ludicrous method of argumentation by the modernist deviates represents an acknowledgement of their profound ignorance of the branches of the Shariah’s Knowledge. Sound, qualified and authoritative Ilm of the Deen cannot be acquired from a self-study of English translations which are the limits of the sources of the modernists. They no not whether they are moving forwards or backwards. Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) has aptly summed up their intellectual derangement with his comment:“Complete blindness is better than oblique vision.”

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