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Hadhrat Naseer aabaadi (rahmatullah alayh) was an ardent votary of sama’. By sama’ here is not meant the haraam qawwaali functions which the people of bid’ah organise to entertain their inordinate nafs. The sama’ of Hadhrat Naseer aabaadi was the sama’ to which applied all the stringent conditions stipulated by the Auliya Someone once criticized Hadhrat Naseerabaadi for his indulgence in sama’. In response he said: “It is better than sitting and indulging in gheebat (back-biting).” Hadhrat Amr Ibn Bajeed (rahmatullah alayh) and the other Ikhwaan (Brethren) of Tareeqat (the Spiritual Path) commented: “O Abul Qaasim! You have truly drifted far (from rectitude). A single error of sama’ is worse than years of making gheebat of people. In a slip made during sama’, an extremely ludicrous idea is attributed to Allah Ta’ala. In this there are many sins. One is an explicit fabrication made against Allah Ta’ala, viz., He has bestowed to me a certain spiritual state whilst in reality this is not the case. Fabricating a lie against Allah Ta’ala is a colossal sin. Another such sin is to cast the audience into deception for gaining their confidence. Deception is khiyaanat (dishonesty, abuse of trust)……”

In Farhul Ismaa’ it is mentioned that Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi (rahmatullah alayh) said that sama’ is strictly haraam for the masses because their nafs is alive. Hakimul Ummat comments: From this, two vital conditions are conspicuous:

(1) That the nafs should be dead.

(2) That the people of sama’ should be from among the elite, i.e. the Auliya of lofty spiritual status.

This achievement is dependent on two essentials:

(a) To an expert in the knowledge of the Shariah.

(b) To be an Aarif of Ilm-e-Haqeeqat (Spiritual Knowledge).

These facts have been extracted from Ihyaaul Uloom and Awaariful Ma-aarif by Hakimul Ummat Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh).

The unprejudiced, fair-minded seeker of the truth will realise that the sama’ of some of the Auliya was a spiritual practice restricted to small groups of elite Auliya. It was a practice reserved exclusively for the elite who themselves had to adhere to many conditions before they were allowed to participate in sama’.

It is the heights of folly and pure shaitaaniyat to cite the sama’ which was introduced by some Auliya exclusively for treating certain spiritual conditions of those who had gained lofty heights in the spiritual realm. as a basis for the wholesale legalization of music and singing for all and sundry, for the masses lost and drowned in carnal lust—fisq and fujoor –vice and immorality.

Sama’ of the Auliya was never intended by the illustrious purified Souls to be a nafsaani past-time activity for the masses to derive sensual pleasure, to wile away the time and to find freedom for the expression of their carnal passions which the voice of shaitaan inflames.

Those who display the immoral audacity of citing Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) and other Auliya in their bid to legalize music and singing, should extricate themselves from their web of self-deception and shaitaani entrapment by stating:

a. The clear rulings of these self-same Auliya banning sama’ for the public at large.

b. The numerous stringent conditions attendant to the permissibility which some Auliya have issued regarding sama’.

c. The Taubah (Repentance) and retraction made by the highest-ranking Auliya on the question of sama’.

Citation of the statements of the Auliya for extracting capital and substantiation for views which are in diametric conflict with the unambiguous pronouncements of prohibition made by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Shaabah, the Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen and the Fuqaha in general of all ages right from the inception of Islam, and ignoring or concealing the rulings of prohibitions issued by these very Auliya is pure chicanery, fraud and deception perpetrated at the peril of jettisoning Imaan from the heart. The attitude of the modernist deviates is well-portrayed in the following Qur’aanic aayat:“What! Do you believe in a part of the Kitaab and commit kufr with a part?”

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