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According to those true Auliya who participated in sama’ without musical instruments, there are stringent conditions for this permissibility. Hadhrat Shaikh Abu Abdur Rahmaan Salmi (rahmatullah alayh) said:“It is essential for those who listen to sama’ that their hearts be alive and their nafs dead. Sama’ is not permissible for him whose heart is dead and nafs alive.”

Commenting on this statement, Hakimul Ummat says:“From the predominance of attributes will it be understood whether the heart and nafs are alive or dead. The life-giving attributes of the heart are Ilm (knowledge of the Deen), Yaqeen (unshakeable faith), Shukr (gratitude), Sabr (patience), Thikr (Remembrance of Allah), Khashiyat (Fear for Allah), Muhabbat (love, Taadhu’ (humility), Ikhlaas (sincerity), etc. The attributes of the nafs are shahwat (lust), ghadab (anger), kibr (pride), bughdh (malice), jaah (love of fame), hasad (envy), etc.

Everyone is able to understand whose heart is alive and nafs dead, and whose heart is dead and nafs alive. One should with justice decide whether the conditions of permissibility to listen to sama’ exist in one or not.”

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