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The Hanafi position is crystal clear. All musical instruments including the duff which is used to create music are haraam.

(1) “Verily all musical instruments are haraam.” (Hidaayah)

(2) “The sound of musical instruments, e.g. playing the flute, etc. is haraam.” (Bazaaziyah and Ad-Durrul Mukhtaar)

(3) “Listening to the beating of the duff, the flute, etc. is haraam.” (Shaami)

(4) “Listening to the beating of the duff, flute, singing, etc. are haraam.” (Sharhun Niqaayah)

(5) “Lahw such as beating the duff and flute, is Makrooh Tahrimi.” (Abu Makaarim)

(6) “Singing, beating the harp, the duff, the sitar and tambourine, are haraam. He who legalizes these instruments will be declared a kaafir.” (Majmuah Fataawa Azeeziyyah)

(7) “Singing, listening to singing, beating the duff and all kinds of musical instruments are haraam. The legalizer of it is a kaafir.” (Fataawa Al-Baihqi)

(8) “Singing, the tambourine, the harp, duff and other similar instruments are haraam.” (An-Nihaayah)

(9) “Musical instruments, the tambourine, bugle, duff, etc. are unanimously haraam.” (Ma-la Budda Minhu) (The above references have been extracted from Imdaadul

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