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Within the ranks of some ignoramuses (juhhaal) and deviant modernists there has developed the satanic idea of music being permissible in Islam. In addition to the modernist deviates, there are also the grave-worshippers (Qabar Pujaaris) who legalize music and musical instruments. In their qawwaali (supposedly religious singing)sessions which usually commence after Isha and end at Fajr, they have dagga-smoking qawwaals (singers) to sing songs with shaitaan in attendance, blowing his filthy froth into their nostrils according to the Hadith. It is precisely for this shaitaani intoxication that the participants in qawwaali, after having polluted their hearts and minds with the vulgarity of shaitaan throughout the night, will disperse at the Call of the Athaan and slip into bed without performing Fajr Salaat. This is standard procedure. The intoxication of the satanic music of the fussaaq has provided a licence for the flagrant neglect of Fajr Salaat.

At the other extreme of this spectrum we find the modernist juhhaal who ardently and arduously labour to find justification for modern Western and Asian music of all brands and varieties. In their sojourn of gratification of the lowly rebellious nafs, the modernist deviates proffer in general some practices of some Auliya, and some of the writings of Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) in particular as their grounds for their assumed permissibility of the satanic practice of music decreed haraam by Allah Azza Wa Jal.

Before we present the Proofs of the Shariah, it is proper to firstly demolish and neutralize the figments of imagination which the juhhaal present as their basis for their fallacious theory of permissibility of music and musical instruments. After dispensation and dismissal of their baatil argumentation, we shall, Insha’Allah, present the incontrovertible Dalaail (Proofs) of the Shariah (Qur’aan and Sunnah), which will seal the coffin of the fallacy tendered by the modernists and the grave-worshippers.


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